How To Make Resin Personalized Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Day is approaching fast, so a lot of the guys are buying Christmas decorations. Such as Christmas trees, garlands, stockings, lights, bells, snow globes, and personalized Christmas ornaments. Furthermore, resin personalized Christmas ornaments are one of the most popular items.

We are a resin gifts manufacturer in China, and resin personalized Christmas ornaments are one of our main products. Therefore we know them a lot. In this page, we will talk about how to make resin personalized Christmas ornaments. As well as some details that clients need to know if order ornaments from our factory.

Four steps to make the resin Christmas ornaments

There are four steps to make resin personalized Christmas ornaments.

  1. To do the clay sculpture
  2. Open mold and to do white resin ornaments
  3. Painting
  4. Packing

In this section, we will talk about them in details, especially the first step – clay sculpture. Hope this paragraph can help clients to know more about the items and to make better choices.

Clay Sculpture

For a factory, the firstly, and the most crucial step, it’s to do the clay sculptures. And the sculptures can be in different shapes and sizes. We can do it only with an image.

However, will the ornaments’ sculptures look the same as the clients’ designs? And will the clients like it? That’s a problem. If the sculpture looks not good, moreover, it will take too much time to revise it. Therefore, that’s why a good sculptor is so essential.

Fortunately, our sculptor is skilled and patient. So he can do good items. Indeed, he is one of the best that I have ever seen. Clients are pleased with his work. See some personalized Christmas ornaments sculptures that he has done.

Baby with Garland Personalized Christmas ornaments sculpture
Clay sculpture of personalized Christmas ornaments
couple Christmas ornaments clay sculpture
Wildcat personalized Christmas ornaments clay sculpture

Open mold and make white resin ornaments

When the clients said the sculpture is OK, we will use it to open the mold, then produce white resin ornaments. The surface of the new produce items is unsmooth. So we need to do the polishing and deburring work. If we don’t do this step, the paint effect will not good.

White resin ornament of baby first Christmas
White resin ornament of baby first Christmas
White resin ornaments


One of the most crucial steps to produce the ornaments is painting. Some designs have only two or three colors. However, some have more than five colors. That’s why we need experienced painting masters and skilled workers.

For the shiny coat, some clients need it, while some are not. Indeed, it can make the ornaments look much more beautiful.

Some ornaments need glitters, like the image on the right. We add them after painting the shiny coat.

Please note that all the colors are hand painted.

Resin Personalized Christmas ornaments with blue glitter

Assemble and Packing

After finishing all of the above steps, we need to assemble the ornaments with eyehook and rope because the clients need to hang them in the tree.

Our regular packing is putting each ornament in a bubble bag. Then 12 pcs in a box and 144PCS (12 boxes) in a master carton. In this way, the items will not be broken even ship by DHL or FEDEX.

Personalized Christmas ornaments eye hook
How to assemble eye hook to Resin Christmas ornaments
Angel Personalized Christmas ornaments with rope

In Conclusion

You may be a professional buyer and know the ornaments well. However, there are still lots of new buyers. And A few days ago, a client customized some ornaments. He told me more than three times that the goods should be with the eye hook and rope. So that he can hang them in the Christmas tree. Therefore we decided to write this article. Meanwhile, we will update this post whenever we find any clients have any new questions.

In short, if you need resin ornament and gifts, please contact us.